Dan Dalton


Married to Alison, they have a son, Charlie


Business Administration working with Non-Profits and Charities. Currently working for Baptist Care and MMAD


Dan grew up in a small town in South Australia in a Christian home. He became a Christian and was baptised when he was 19 years of age. He travelled around Australia attending many different denominations. He settled at Wyong Baptist Church where he met his wife Alison. They have been attending NVBC for 3 ½ years.

Relevant experience

Dan has worked for Baptist Youth Ministries (BYM) as a project manager. He has a Degree in Business Administration. He was a Board member for Youth for Christ (YFC).

Dan is gifted in the areas of operations, projects and research.

During his six years at Wyong Baptist Church he was involved in Young Adults Ministry, maintenance and events when needed.


Willingness to offer his skills to help further the work of the church
Dan brings the ability to think strategically and practically about challenges
He consistently ‘stays on the solution-side of the equation’ rather than resorting to despair or cynicism
He is a team player