Geoff Lamrock


Geoff is married to Danielle and they have three young boys. They live locally in Lisarow and have attended NVBC regularly for many years.

Faith journey

Geoff grew up with an understanding that faith in Jesus was important; a realisation he sensed at the young age of 8 or 9. Through high school, the NVBC youth group provided him with a place of support during some turbulent years. In his mid to late teen years, his faith became personal under the positive influence of NVBC youth pastors and some special peers.

Through many challenges in high school, the loss of a very close friend, and severe physical injury when his back was broken in an accident, Geoff now describes his faith as “robust” as a result of these trials. He now seeks God in defining how to be a role model to his young children and to be the father that he believes his Heavenly Father wants him to be.

Existing church roles

Geoff leads and plays guitar in worship on Sundays. He has previously had a role in youth leadership.

Relevant experience

Geoff is an experienced software engineer and works in a team environment. He has experience in team participation & leading, both in ministry and professionally.


Team player, team enabler.
Facilitatory skills.
Professional skills in IT, systems and planning.