Leisel Burdon


Leisel is married to Adam, and they have three children.

Faith journey

Leisel has been at NVBC “since birth”. In Year 6 she made a commitment to Jesus and through Youth Group her understanding increased and continues to transform her life. Leisel has felt God’s personal touch in challenging her to more faith through healing she and her daughter have received. Leisel attributes the mentoring, enabling and empowerment she has received from many NVBC leaders over the years to bring her to her current place.

Existing church roles

Leisel is well known as NVBC’s Executive Assistant in the church office. She has a passion to honour God in administration so that “the church can be the best it can be”.

Relevant experience

Leisel’s role at NVBC means she is responsible for executing policies and procedures, maintaining communication channels with church leaders, ministry partners and church attendees, and the various committees. Her working knowledge of the church is an asset. She has exercised her faith through previously serving at NVBC in Children’s, Youth, Worship and Women’s Ministry and also through to state-level Baptist events. Adam and Leisel are currently serving as Connect Group Leaders.


Working knowledge of processes at NVBC.
Passion and giftings for administration.
Desire to proactively influence and improve future processes at NVBC.