Lewis Jonker

Lewis grew up in Biloela (Central Queensland) where he attended a Lutheran Church with his family. Although he knew Jesus all his life, it was during a trip to Sydney and a visit to a local Church in Belmore that Lewis devoted his life to the calling of God and decided to move to the Central Coast after finishing High School to work with the charity ‘Musicians Making A Difference’.

After Moving to the Central Coast in 2012 Lewis became heavily involved at a local church where he enrolled in bible college and began working in schools as a chaplain and scripture teacher. Lewis loves using his creative skills such as poetry and magic tricks to engage with a young audience, and his calling to youth ministry was obvious.

Lewis came on staff at NVBC in November 2018 as Youth Pastor. He is employed three days per week by NVBC, and he loves his job! In addition to his work at church, he also works one day per week as a Christian Youth Worker at Narara Valley High, where his role is primarily scripture teaching. He is also passionate about creativity and mission, and serves the charity Compassion Australia as an Artist Ambassador.

When he is not hanging out with young people, you’ll find Lewis at the local café drinking coffee or studying for his last year of bachelor of ministry… or alternately water-skiing.