Luke Skelton


Luke is married to Jackie, and they have four young children.

Faith journey

Luke’s parents were foundational members of NVBC. Luke grew in his faith at NVBC. Luke accepted Jesus for the first time in pre-school and always had a faith, but he took ownership of that around the age of 18-19. After a short period in “the wilderness” he resolved to be “what Jesus is all about” in his early twenties.

With Jackie coming into his life, and becoming his wife, they sought to align with God’s will, and encourage and motivate each other as Christians, Christian parents and how they serve in church community and afield.

Existing church roles

Luke has recently completed a sixteen-month spell with long rural commutes with his work, and now feels that God has given him time to consider roles at NVBC. He is already a Connect Group leader.

Relevant experience

Luke is a civil engineer involved in the management of large-scale public infrastructure projects in the Hunter region and northern NSW. Therefore, Luke has experience in balancing resources, critical path planning, and policy management. He champions practical outcomes and efficiency.

He also served in the military (Air cadets, Army Reserve) training him in the principles of Servant Leadership.


Focussed, considered decision making with practical outcomes.
A team player, but also willing to lead where he sees gaps.
Mentoring skills.