NVBC Policies

We seek to have intentionality and clarity about how we engage in mission together. With that in mind we have prayed and thought through a number of policies that guide how we do this, accessible below.

Policy Preparation Guide
NVBC-POL-AD001a-v1.1_Policy Preparation Guide

NVBC Constitution

Privacy Policy

Safe Church Policy
NVBC Safe Church Policy – May 2020

Procedure for Conflict Resolution
NVBC-procedure for conflict resolution 11JUN2021

Procedure for Handling Complaints against Staff and Volunteers
NVBC – Procedure for Handling Complaints Against Staff and Volunteers 11JUN2021

Procedure for Responding to Child Protection Concerns
Procedure for Responding to Child Protection Concerns

Venue Safety, Friday Night Youth Policy
NVBC-POL-YM001-v2.0_Venue Safety – Friday Night Youth_2015

Policies for Youth Leaders
NVBC-POL-YM002-v2.0_The Blue Book – Policies For Youth Leaders_2015

Driver Information Form
Driver Information Form

WHS Policy
NVBC WHS Policy – May 2020

Ministry Funds Handling
NVBC-POL-AD002-v1.1_Ministry Funds Handling

Key Policy
NVBC-FOR-CF002-V2.0_Key Policy Notification_2015

Social Media Policy
NVBC-POL-CF001-v1.3_Social Media Policy_2015

Key Custody
NVBC-POL-CF002-v2.0_Key Custody_2015